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SUS304 Bracket Float Ball
  • SUS304 Bracket Float BallSUS304 Bracket Float Ball
  • SUS304 Bracket Float BallSUS304 Bracket Float Ball
  • SUS304 Bracket Float BallSUS304 Bracket Float Ball
  • SUS304 Bracket Float BallSUS304 Bracket Float Ball

SUS304 Bracket Float Ball

Sanlo is a highly professional manufacturer and supplier of SUS304 Bracket Float Ball-85 in China, SUS304 Bracket Float Ball-85 is used by customers on their own equipment, such as cooling equipment, which requires a float to control cold and hot exchange inside. And this type it is no polishing , from Sanlo the customer can be chose polishing or without polishing , it is depend on the customer needed . Sanlo has been producing SUS304 Bracket Float Ball-85 for customers for over 10 years, with an annual output of approximately 100000 units.Our products have the advantages of high-quality products and strict quality control, covering markets in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

SUS304 Bracket FloatBall-85 non-magnetic float ball, customized by the customer, laser welded, with edges and increased pressure surface. The material of SUS304 is the most basic. If some media require corrosion resistance or higher technical requirements, we will recommend customers to use SUS316L or TI material for production. Sanlo Each product has strict procedures and professional personnel to review from drawings to production, testing to delivery, making it easy to identify and solve problems in a timely manner, reducing the scrap rate of products and ensuring the accuracy of the entire production. And for this customer made float ball normal the production time like 20-30 days , but we will up it to make the delivery time short.

our material show :

Material 316L、SUS304  

Parameter(Specification) of SUS304 Bracket Float Ball-85

Physical photos:  

Analyze the causes of float leakage

1. Long usage time without maintenance and replacement

2 The medium is a corrosive liquid, and the material was not selected correctly

3 There are gaps and cracks in the welding area, leading to water filling

4. Poor working environment leading to premature rupture of floating balls

5. The working pressure is higher than the maximum pressure value of the float, causing the float to leak

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