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Float Switch Mounting Bracket
  • Float Switch Mounting BracketFloat Switch Mounting Bracket
  • Float Switch Mounting BracketFloat Switch Mounting Bracket
  • Float Switch Mounting BracketFloat Switch Mounting Bracket
  • Float Switch Mounting BracketFloat Switch Mounting Bracket

Float Switch Mounting Bracket

Sanlo is a highly professional manufacturer and supplier of Float Switch Mounting Bracket-60 in China, Float Switch Mounting Bracket-60 is used by customers on their own equipment, such as cooling equipment, which requires a float to control cold and hot exchange inside. And this type it is no polishing , from Sanlo the customer can be chose polishing or without polishing , it is depend on the customer needed .Our products have the advantages of high-quality products and strict quality control, covering markets in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Float Switch Mounting Bracket-60 non-magnetic float ball, customized by the customer, laser welded, with edges and polishing surface. The material of SUS304 is the most basic. If some media require corrosion resistance or higher technical requirements, we will recommend customers to use SUS316L or TI material for production. Sanlo Each product has strict procedures and professional personnel to review from drawings to production, testing to delivery, making it easy to identify and solve problems in a timely manner, reducing the scrap rate of products and ensuring the accuracy of the entire production.

our material show :

Material 316L、SUS304  

Parameter(Specification) of Float Switch Mounting Bracket-60

Physical photos:   

Our Equipment:    

What is a floating ball:

Floating ball is a spherical device manufactured using the principle of buoyancy, usually made of materials such as PP, PVC, PE, stainless steel, Monel, and titanium metal.

2、 Application fields of floating balls

1. Liquid level control: In liquid containers such as storage tanks and water towers, the flow rate of liquid entering or leaving the container is controlled by raising or lowering the float, thereby achieving liquid level control. Floating ball level controllers are widely used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food.

2. Water treatment: In the sewage treatment process, floating balls can be used to control the mixing and residence time of the mixed liquid in the tank. In biological treatment systems, floating balls can help maintain anaerobic environments and promote the decomposition and treatment of wastewater.

3. Environmental protection: The pollution control effect of floating balls is widely used in urban rivers, reservoirs, ponds and other water bodies. Floating balls can block floating debris, prevent water pollution, and increase oxygen content in water, improving water quality.

4、 The advantages and development prospects of floating balls

As a recyclable and environmentally friendly product, float balls have advantages in energy conservation, environmental protection, and automation, and are widely used in various fields such as liquid level control, water treatment, and environmental protection. With the development of technology and market, the types and application scenarios of floating balls are constantly expanding and deepening, and it is expected that the floating ball market will achieve high-speed growth in the future.

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