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Level Switch Float
  • Level Switch FloatLevel Switch Float
  • Level Switch FloatLevel Switch Float
  • Level Switch FloatLevel Switch Float
  • Level Switch FloatLevel Switch Float

Level Switch Float

Sanlo is a highly professional manufacturer and supplier of Level Switch Float TYPE D H&L in China, PP float switch is an accessory that is injection molded through a plastic mold with a fixed size. It is a simple and convenient liquid level control component with complex circuits that will not be disturbed. As long as the material selection is correct, it can be used for any type of liquid, pressure, or temperature. Our products have advantages of high-quality products and strict quality control, covering markets in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Level Switch Float TYPE D H&L has two types of pressure, one is high pressure and the other is low pressure.Our products usually have small quantities in stock, and are produced for large quantities with a lead time of approximately 5-7 days. Our materials are made of high-quality PP , which are High temperature resistance.Our threads are standard size threads and with Thickened gasket ring.

Parameter(Specification) of Level Switch Float TYPE D H&L   

DIMENSIONS MATERIAL Voltage Lower TEMP Resistance MAX current Medium S.G
Type D--lower DN-17 PP 0-110V -20--60℃ 0.1 0.5A 0.55g
TypeD--Higher DN-17 PP 0-220V -20--100℃ 0.1 0.5A 0.55g

Physical photos:      

The correct installation method for Level Float Switches TYPE D H&L

1. Determine the installation position of the float switch: The float switch should be installed on the upper part of the container to trigger the switch action based on changes in liquid level height. At the same time, it should be ensured that the installation position of the float switch can ensure its normal operation.

2. Install the float switch: install the float switch into the installation hole, and adjust the height of the float to make it correspond to the liquid level to be controlled. Then, secure the float switch to ensure that it does not shake or loosen in the installation hole.

3. Connected wiring: Connect the wiring terminals of the float switch to the control equipment, and pay attention to the positive and negative pole connections to ensure that the circuit is powered on normally.

4. Debugging the float switch: Before placing the float switch in the container, its switch value should be adjusted first. The specific method is to first install the float switch on the container. When the liquid level drops to the lower limit of the installation position, observe the status of the switch. Then, add the liquid to the container and observe the changes in the status of the float switch to determine the range of its switch value.

5. Precautions: When installing the float switch, attention should be paid to the sensitivity and accuracy of the switch, as well as its control method over the equipment. In addition, attention should be paid to the buoyancy and density of the float to ensure accurate control of the liquid level.

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